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By choosing Sunrise Blinds to supply you with your domestic or commercial blinds, you have already taken a step in the right direction to investing in the best possible blinds for your home, but with so many blinds Saffron Walden to choose from, which are best suited to what you need them for and the specific room they will be placed in? We have taken it upon ourselves to devise some quick tips to follow so that you make the very best choice.

What style is your room?

You will undoubtedly want your blinds to complement and enhance the current style of a room, rather than stand out for all the wrong reasons. Make sure to assess the overall style and furnishings of your room and then choose blinds that work in accordance with this.

How much do you want to block out?

This doesn’t just apply to sunlight either, because certain rooms which may look out onto public areas or in view of your neighbours may need to be more private than others. Shutters, roller blinds or our made to measure ‘perfect fit’ systems are great for achieving a heightened level of privacy.

These blinds will also block out a greater amount of sunlight, so if this is a real problem, you should consider the above in a ‘black-out’ style or our specialised conservatory blinds to prevent your conservatory from becoming a greenhouse in the summer.

Your desired level of maintenance?

If you are choosing blinds for a kitchen, bathroom or a commercial environment, you will want maintenance to be at a minimum and to provide added ease of cleaning. Once again, roller blinds or our commercial blinds range will be suitable for you.

A member of the team will always be happy to help you in choosing the right blinds Saffron Walden, so why not call us on 01638 781881 today to find out more.