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Curtains are the finishing touch to a newly decorated room; they add a splash of colour, bring the room together and, on a more practical note, trap in the heat during the winter and keep you cool in the summer; but where can you find a large collection of curtains? At Sunrise Blinds we have a stunning collection of curtains, meaning you don’t have to traipse from shop to shop in search of the perfect addition to your home.

Choosing a pair of curtains can be a difficult task – you need find ones that will complement the rooms style and colour scheme. At Sunrise we believe that we can help you find the perfect curtains.

Stunning Collection

At Sunrise Blinds we appreciate that everyone has different tastes, likes different colours and styles; which is why our collection reflects this. You’ll find curtains in a variety of fabrics, colours, styles and lengths. Having such a large collection, we’re confident that once you visit us at Sunrise Blinds you’ll find exactly what you are looking for.
We don’t just stock curtains and blinds though, we also stock the necessary products to accompany them, so you can have the products needed to hang your newly purchased curtains:

–    Curtain Tracks
–    Curtains Poles
–    Linings
–    Headings
–    Fabrics

To learn more about these product, you’ll find more information available under the curtain category on our website.
For those of  you who prefer blinds over curtains, then don’t panic because we have a beautiful and varied selection of those too. Come and see for yourself the broad selection of curtains and blinds we have in stock. We always strive to update our selection, which is one of the reason it is so varied and extensive. For more details, click here to book an appointment or call us today on 01284 800 074.