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If you are planning on re-decorating then we’re here to help you! We have devised this helpful guide which is brimming with useful tips and tricks which are sure to help you transform your home – and while blinds are obviously on the list, there is a lot more you can do to get the look you want for 2013.

Choosing the Correct Colour Scheme

Our last post touched on this quite a bit, and we believe that colour can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. So, before you pick any old pot of paint or roll of wallpaper make sure you have a colour scheme in mind.

If you want the space to look larger then use neutral tones and have the colour you want as your accent colour. An accent colour can be incorporated through soft furnishings, blinds, rugs and accessories.

Improve Space & Light

As we touched on before, using neutral tones is very effective at making a space seem lighter and larger than it is. Lighting is very important if you want to achieve a certain mood, you want the room to appear bright and fresh – so make sure you make the most of your windows and don’t restrict the flow of natural light by placing heavy furniture in front of the window. Furthermore, if the room is quite dark make sure you have lots of artificial lighting.

Mirrors are also very effective at increasing the amount of light and perceivable amount of space in a room.

Our best bit of advice for anyone planning on redecorating their home is to plan ahead. Choose a colour, look at furniture and try and picture the room and how you would change it. At Sunrise Blinds we have a large collection of curtains or blinds available to those in Ely – and they are available in all sizes and colours to help you redecorate your home successfully. For more details call us today 01638 781 881.